Tuesday, 28 October 2008

Eon/Eve Store Update

I've been contacted by Ian from MMMPublishing once more, he's been more than helpful in trying to resolve the issue, but after being given assurance that the magazines have been despatched, I have a horrible feeling that the blame lies with the British postal service.

A few weekends ago, no one in the local street seemed to get any post on Saturday, and based around the despatch date it seems that the magazines could be tied up with that.

I'm not sure where to go about complaining to the Royal Mail now about it, since it seems to be their fault, and I'm waiting to see if MMMPublishing can give me any proof of postage so I can wave it in the faces of the post office staff and ask for compensation.

In the meantime, MMMPublishing has offered to send me second copies of the magazines which I am very greatful for, and just want to once again promote their responsiveness and good service that I've been given in the blog - you truly do get great service from the smaller outfits. With luck, I get my magazines I need, and then can also get some compensation from Royal Mail for the first mess up they gave me so I can see about sending more money their way.

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PsycheDiver said...

Once they sent me the wrong issue TWICE. I was so surprised that when I complained and they seemed more than happy to try again. That's all a customer really wants.

Their second mistake was to actually send me the first edition of the strat maps. Luck me!