Friday, 10 October 2008

Are we asking for the impossible?

The corp I'm in has quite a differing background of players, we have all sorts from 4 year old veterans to those who only started playing Eve in the summer.

Back in the day, we were once a member of Electus Matari, a fairly well known Minmatar RP Alliance, who had access to Providence space via links with Ushra'Khan when they had Unity station, which has since been taken over by CVA alliance.

We broke off from EM because as being part of a fairly industrial focused corp back then, we didn't get many benefits from the constant Amarr wars that took place, though I am also told that we didn't get treated as equals in allaince discussion matters even though we provided some of the more capable and experienced pilots whenever group activities were needed (this all happened whilst I was on my year long break from Eve so I cant really comment on this, so don't know for certain what the reason for us falling out with EM actually was)

Since then, we have been looking for an alliance to join who could let us expand our experience in the New Eden universe (i.e. give us access to 0.0 since that is the only area we are not really active in) whilst not creating too much inconvenience for those of us who do not feel ready for a life of combat.

Basically, we are looking for an alliance that would offer the following:

No forced participation for the lower experience players - several of us want to fight over space and have something to protect, but there are some that are very PVP averse and don't want to get involved in moving out to 0.0 and constantly watching their back, though they do want to join in on occasion.

Access to 0.0 space (as theres nothing an empire alliance can offer us except for slightly more expensive wardecs) preferably in the Angel regions (just because thats where we've been based all our existance, so moving all the way across the galaxy is annoying)

Fairly busy (sometimes its a bit boring only having half a dozen corpmates to chat to, its nice to have a room with 100 or more active to get the discussion going)

Anti Piracy ethics (none of us are of the 'kill the innocents' mindset)

Some things that would be nice:

Access to a good 0.0 infrastructure - A soverignty holding alliance would be nice, to have things like jump bridges setup and so on.

European timezone for Alliance - The majority of our members are from Europe, but we do have at least one American, and one New Zealander who are regularly online.

Ultimately, we had a potential chance to join Ushra'Khan directly, but it was vetoed as they generally include 4 permanent wars against Amarr corporations, so that limits where the empire staying people can remain, as they dont want to keep on constantly on the lookout for war targets, and it also makes restocking via empire systems a pain if you cant move anything around without risk of attack.

Does anyone know of any alliances out there that fit the bill ? From what I can see, its a very big wishlist, all the benefits for us with only minimal benefit for the Alliance that would host us. Most of the members do appreciate a good PVP fight if theres something worth fighting over, so for the majority it would mean they would spend a lot of their time in the 0.0 home, people just dont want all of their empire access restricted as well by wars, which limits certain Alliances as already mentioned.

I'm just feeling very trapped at the moment, I don't want to leave the corp I've basically grown up with, but on the other hand, I need something much more involved than 'go to this random deadspace pocket and kill this angel guy for me please' which is what my life revolves around at the moment, I dont have the experience or skills to be able to go randomly out into lowsec or 0.0 and expect to last for too long, so I'm looking for decent PVP minded people to tag along with just to get more experience at that side of the coin whilst im training up the next few dozen skills or so that I want to be happy that i'm giving myself the best chance at surviving.

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Tom Hoffman said...

I've been playing EVE for about a year, 9 months of it in U'K (Minmatar Ship Construction Services). I've been inconvenienced (i.e., ganked) while going about my business in Empire because of ongoing wars exactly once (and if I had been paying attention at all, that would be 0 times).

Just my .02 ISK...