Wednesday, 22 October 2008

Guide Part 2 and Bonus

I've had a few days with getting the next installment of the guide produced, unfortunately work has been fairly hectic over the last couple of days. I've now uploaded part 2, on the joys of not blowing up, or more commonly known as ways to tank damage.

As a bit of a bonus (because I've not worked out where im going to incorporate it yet) I've also enclosed a spreadsheet for a ready reckoner list of the subcapital combat ships which are available at the moment.

It doesn't go into detail on all of the ships available, as there aren't entries for all of the faction ships, or the Logistics cruisers (I'll get around to them soon I hope) but in a game that relies as extensively on threat level recognition based on the type of ship your opponent is flying, it can be quite a handy reference.

Links are below for those who are interested:

Part 2 - Tanking

Eve Ship Reference List