Thursday, 16 October 2008

Coming soon, Post 50 Extraveganza

Just thought I'd drum up a bit of interest before I go ahead and begin to write it, but to celebrate my 50th post in the blog, I'm going to look into publishing a lengthy guide on pretty much everything I've learned about piloting a ship, which modules do what, and so on, published over several following posts.

You're now reading post number 49... so coming up next (presuming I can get it done before my mind wanders too much and I write something else) is the start of hopefully a long series of reference points, that are useful for all, even those grizzled old vets among us.

It's all part of the service of being a Jack of all trades, I've got a bit of experience in a whole lotta stuff, and may as well pass on the knowledge.

Hope you enjoy it...

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