Tuesday, 14 October 2008

Time to earn my wings

... In something a bit more face to face than the NPC pirate bashing and industrial PVP I've been doing so far.

Yes folks, i'm going to throw myself (sometime over the next few days since I cant be sure when I'll have time available, probably Friday) into the hectic world of PVP.

I've already spent whatever meagre profits I'd made from my Tech 2 production ventures on a couple of Thoraxes and the fittings involved, and as well as my Crow Interceptor, my Blackbird ECM boat, and my Vexor cruiser I've had on and off and hardly flew, I'll be exploring lowsec around Molden Heath and Heimatar with hopefully a few corp mates, at least one of which is fairly PVP experienced and is going to be someone im going to be learning the ropes from to survive 'semi solo' with the view to eventually being able to go out alone and survive for longer than 10 minutes.

It's been sorely needed, as I cant remember the last time I logged into Eve with a plan for what to do for the evening, it's typically just been there as a glorified chatroom for me whilst I umm and aah about doing a mission or two, but never really wanting to do one because I've worn myself out of the patience for doing the same thing time and time again.

I don't hope to take much in the way of sec hits, so we might only be hunting pirates, but you never know how things turn out, and we may have to hunt... ahem... 'innocents' if they try it on first.

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